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Our Client-Centric Approach to Executive Recruitment

Since 2008, we have been building strong networks across diverse industries. We understand securing the ideal executive for your team entails more than an assessment of skills. It's about finding someone whose personality and management philosophy align with your organization. Our experienced executive search team carefully evaluates candidates, making sure their visions match your company's values. We also use market benchmarking to ensure the chosen leader is the best fit for your specific needs. With this thorough approach, we promise to find an executive who will take your business to new heights. Join us and experience the transformative power of exceptional leadership.

Executive Search Process

Phase 1

Collaborative Engagement
Our dedicated recruiter work closely with you throughout the entire process, gaining a deep understanding of your organization and its daily business challenges.

Phase 2

Customized Strategy Development
We create a tailored recruitment strategy based on your specific needs, conducting a strategic search and comprehensive screening of passive candidates.

Phase 3

Candidate Evaluation and Selection
We draft a personalized interview questionnaire according to your hiring criteria.

Phase 4

Detailed Reporting
You will have weekly meetings and updates with your recruiter. We present mandate developments using an evolving control grid to keep you informed.

Final Selection and Support
We select various tests for candidates who have reached the final phase of selection. We provide support during your internal interview process. Credit check, criminal record check, references, and diploma verification upon request

Phase 5

Offer Presentation and Negotiation
We offer support and advice in presenting offers and subsequent negotiations.

Phase 6

Post-Placement Follow Up
Ensure the candidate integration goes as planned. Extended guarantee offered for each placement (varies depending on the role)

Why Choose Executive Recruitment with Group RP?

Our Executive Search ensures a thorough market screening to identify qualified candidates are considered for your executive positions.
Retain control and maintain confidentiality over your sensitive hiring needs, we will help you strategically manage your recruitment efforts.
Receive comprehensive reporting through our weekly-updated Control Grid, including candidate outreach, background summaries and salary expectations.
Experience the advantage of individually tailored interview experiences and global recruitment strategies that accommodate your unique hiring requirements.
Leverage the weekly-updated Control Grid to evaluate your company's market position, accessing valuable data on candidate salary expectations.
Our Executive Search services include an extended warranty period, allowing ample time to evaluate and ensure the success of critical executive placements.
Our Senior Account Executive will provide you with expert guidance and ensure a seamless and exceptional experience throughout the recruitment process.


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