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Food industry, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Retail (pharmacy)

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Group RP | Food Industry, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Retail (pharmacy)
Group RP | Food Industry, Healthcare, Pharmacy and Retail (pharmacy)

Headhunters and recruiters specializing in the food industry, healthcare, pharmacy, and retail (pharmacy).

Recruitment Propulsion brings together a network of experienced headhunters, all from the food, retail (pharmacy), pharmacy and health sectors. They therefore have an excellent knowledge of the various business challenges faced by companies and the requirements of professionals in these industries.

Are you looking for a position as a pharmacist, pharmacy technical assistant (PTA), pharmacy manager, cosmetician? Dentist, dental hygienist, nurse, or beneficiary attendant? Or are you interested in administration, accounting, or warehouse management in the food sector? Let us help you find the right job or the perfect candidate for your company!

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