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The market

When the pandemic hit in 2020, many people believed that e-commerce would replace retail. However, as the world slowly got back to normal, consumers flocked to physical stores, proving that the interest to shop in person is still there. Several large retailers and brands have invested in their physical stores, creating a strong demand for skilled retail employees.

Unfortunately, the labor shortage in this sector is not about to fade. About 70% of retail positions are vacant and this trend will likely continue in 2023.

Finding the right employees can therefore be a big challenge for retailers. Prestige Recruitment by Group RP can support you in your search for candidates! We find and qualify the best retail professionals according to the needs, objectives, and values ​​of our many clients.

Are you running out of time and resources to find a highly qualified employee in retail ?

Would you like to explore the job market discretely and confidentially, find a job that matches your ambitions and get a fresh start in your career?

Contact one of our experts quickly!

How can we help you?

Prestige Recruitment by Group RP has specialized for several years in retail, particularly in the fashion industry. With a 96% placement rate, we support the growth of hundreds of retail businesses and regularly offer many roles to our candidates seeking a retail opportunity.

Our retail headhunters are actively recruiting for the following positions:

  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Cashier
  • Chief Cashier
  • Customer Experience Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Sales Associate
  • Store Manager
  • Others

* The masculine generic refers to both the masculine and feminine genders and is used for conciseness purposes only.

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