Antony Gagnon

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Antony Gagnon

Account Manager / Consulting

Known for his determination, Antony stands out for his atypical professional career. He leaned towards entrepreneurship at a very young age with a very specific objective: always give his 110% to have a real positive impact on people's lives.

At the age of 18, he quickly obtained a management position in commercial greenhouses, where he understood the importance of good human resources management. In 2012, recruitment and staff retention became even more tangible for him. At that time, he had a strategic role in the transport industry, which allowed him to put his knowledge to good use and continue to develop professionally for the next five years.

With a great desire to learn, Antony began studying business administration in 2017 to seek additional knowledge, a real benefit to the rest of his career.

"I now have the chance to work for Group RP, a company that stands out the most by truly considering its employees as pillars of success," he specifies.

His passions in life can be summed up by a single expression: "You only have one life to live." Antony can be described as an energetic person who loves being involved in various projects, but above all, who likes to constantly learn.

With Antony, it’s one project after the other!