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The Market

The firms in planning and urban development are constantly in search of new resources. The job market remains active there. The demand for individuals with intermediate or senior-level expertise in urbanism is significant.

If a professional in the sector wishes to broaden their range of projects or if they wish to discover a new work environment, the time is ideal!

How Can We Help You?

Recruitment Performance by Groupe RP has been specializing for several years in the field of urban planning, whether in regulation or design, as well as in the field of landscape architecture. With a placement rate of 96%, we support the growth of many companies and regularly offer new positions to candidates seeking opportunities in these areas.

Our architecture headhunters are actively recruiting for the following positions:

  • Urban planners
  • Project managers in urban planning
  • Landscape architects

Are you running out of time and resources to find a highly qualified employee in urbanism?

Would you like to explore the job market discretely and confidentially, find a job that matches your ambitions and get a fresh start in your career?

Contact one of our experts quickly!

Urbanism Job Offers

Job ID
Urban Planning Advisor
Urbanism Performance Rimouski Québec